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Stone Faced Angel

Stone Faced Angel Book Cover Stone Faced Angel
The Stone Angels Saga, Book 1
Marie McKean
February 1, 2015

There are some things I know for sure:

I died . . . A long time ago
Even in death I was always aware of him.
Love has a way of making even angels choose to leave their heaven above.



If I could give half stars, “Stone Faced Angel” would get 3 1/2.

The story of an angel coming to earth looking for love is definitely an intriguing plot, and it did deliver in moments.  As is too often not the case, there was an actual love interest that is a good example of what to look for in a partner as opposed to being obnoxious and overbearing.  The love story moved too quickly in my opinion, but it was not unrealistic enough to distract from the romance.

The main problem with the book is the pacing.  The beginning seemed to be from an entirely different novel, then it sped up, then slowed down again.  I would have preferred it to be more consistent, settling into a happy medium.  At times things became a little too unrealistic, but overall it was a sweet story.

I would recommend “Stone Faced Angel” to those who are fans of “Fallen Angel” type stories and those who enjoy fantasies between this world and the next.

This review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Content Warning:

Language, Sexual Situations