Having been an avid reader for all of the years of my long life,  I recently discovered that many of today’s great books reside in the Young Adult section of the local bookstore.   Learning this, it was like discovering a whole new world, or multiple worlds, as the case may be.

Alas, being a man who is by no means considered young I have been subjected to the constant side-eyes and glares of many mothers and booksellers.  The shame of browsing the books categorized as “young adult romance” knew no bounds, but I could not stop searching for more to read.

Knowing I could not be the only one of my kind, I turned to the welcoming arms of the readers of the internet.  Finally, I had found my people.

Now is the time for me to give back.  This site will be filled with both adult and young adult book reviews, non-fiction and fiction, and anything else that may strike my fancy.

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