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Born Trilogy, Book 3
Tara Brown



I did this to myself.  Part of me really wanted this to be good and fix the problems in “Born to Fight”.  The series had so much potential, in spite of some flaws, and got progressively worse.

The typos and sentence structure were so bad in this one that it felt like it had been translated from another language by someone a translator who barely knows English.  This should not happen in something sold to the public.  A few are normal, though should try to be avoided.  At least run spellcheck.

The plot is another issue altogether.  There were so many things going on at once that none could be properly explored beyond a surface level, thereby making it a complete mess of ideas that didn’t quite connect.  Add to it an ending that came from nowhere, and it becomes a ridiculous mess.

I already ranted in the review of “Born to Fight” about my anger toward the unhealthy relationship found in the series.  This one continued that.  In the interest of my blood pressure, I will say no more.

What makes me sad is that this story had so much potential.  The first one needed some work but with a good editor the series could have been something unique and special.  Had Tara Brown not wanted to cut out some of the plot points, it would have been better to be extended beyond a trilogy and focus a book on each one.  Then the reader could make some sense out of it all.  Not a recommended series at all.


Content Warning:

Language, Violence, Sexual Situations