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Almost A Full Moon

Almost a Full Moon Book Cover Almost a Full Moon
Hawksley Workman
Songs, English
Tundra Books (NY)
September 6, 2016

Almost a Full Moon is a warm-hearted story of family, community, food and home. A boy and his grandmother host a gathering in their small cabin in the middle of winter. Friends travel from near and far, and some new friends even turn up. The walls of the cabin are elastic and the soup pot bottomless; all are welcome. Based on the lyrics of Hawksley Workman's song from his holiday album Almost a Full Moon, this book evokes both the cold and the coziness of a winter's night: crisp clean air, sparkling snow, the light of the moon, welcoming windows, glowing candles, family and friends. The spare text is beautifully complemented with the rich illustrations of Jensine Eckwall, a new talent to Tundra. She brings beauty and a hint of magic to Workman's evocative lyrics; together, they create a world and a night that will enchant readers of all ages.



The story and the pictures in “Almost a Full Moon” were cute, but somehow they didn’t seem to mix together in just the right way. ¬†It’s still a nice¬†little book.

This review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.