But Then I Came Back

But Then I Came Back Book Cover But Then I Came Back
Estelle Laure
Hmh Books for Young Readers
April 4, 2017

From the author of This Raging Light comes the story of Eden Jones, a seventeen-year-old girl who feels lost after surviving a near fatal accident. Unable to connect with her family and friends, Eden forms an unlikely relationship with Joe, a boy who comes to the hospital to visit Jasmine, a friend who may soon be gone forever. Eden is the only person who can get through to Jasmine, but is she brave enough to face a world that's bigger and more magical than she ever would have allowed? Lyrical, unexpected, and romantic, Estelle Laure's new novel is about interwoven lives, long goodbyes, and the imperfect beauty of young love.



While I was back and forth on my feelings toward the magical realism contained in “But Then I Came Back,” I had to give it four stars for the beautiful portrayal of what it’s like to come back after a serious head injury.  The struggles physically and mentally were portrayed well, but it also covered the existential questions that often come up after a life-changing event.  That is something I have rarely seen in a novel.  There is also a nice romance on the side.  Recommended!

This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.


Content Warning:

Language, Sexual Situations, Underage Drinking

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