Gemini Book Cover Gemini
Sonya Mukherjee
Juvenile Fiction
Simon and Schuster
July 26, 2016

In a small town, as high school graduation approaches, two conjoined sisters must weigh the importance of their dreams as individuals against the risk inherent in the surgery that has the potential to separate them forever.



Actual rating: 3 1/5 stars

“Gemini” is a groundbreaking ya novel about conjoined twins.  It was an interesting read that took me beyond my preconceived notions.

Clara and Hailey are conjoined but as different as two people can be.  One is an artist and one is an astronomy genius.  Told in alternating viewpoints, it highlights how differently they think and see their situation.  Topics such as relationships and bullying are tackled, as well as the more mundane tasks in life that are more difficult for them, such as the act of sitting down.  One of my favorite aspects of the characters was that they were unapologetically presented as capable of being assholes at times.  Too many people think disabled people can’t be like that.  The angel phenomenon was nice to see broken.

I will say that the story seemed more suited to upper middle graders than older teens.  There is very little objectionable material and some of the situations can be ridiculous.  The ending is a good example of that.  That being said, it is still a fun read.

I can recommend “Gemini” to those looking for books about uncommon disabilities, somewhat light reads, and older middle graders.

This honest review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.


Content Warning:

Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Brief Mention of Underage Drinking


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