The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You

The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You Book Cover The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You
Lily Anderson
Juvenile Fiction
May 17, 2016

After years of competing against each other, Trixie and Ben form a fandom-based tentative friendship when their best friends start dating each other, but after Trixie's friend gets expelled for cheating they have to choose which side they are on.



I am apparently in the minority in not being blown away by the sly and snarky retelling of “Much Ado About Nothing” that is “The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You.”  Before you throw the infamous rotting fruit of The Globe at me, please allow me to explain.

The characters of Trixie, Ben, and their friends were likable enough and well-developed.  They all had a good backstory and fit well within the Shakespearean framework.  The school was interesting and the mystery aspect of the plot was intriguing and well-done.

Here comes the issue.  It was great to see a female comic book geek who was into all things awesome.  The problem was, it was overdone.  So much of it felt like there was a neon sign with an arrow on it pointing at her and saying “geek here.”  What is really sad is that none of the pop culture references needed to be removed, just perhaps reworded or missing a sentence or two.  It was like being hit with an anvil when all you needed was a foam finger.  It really took me out of the story by about five chapters in.

As I said before, my opinion about “The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You” is not the popular one, so don’t let my review persuade you.  In fact, when I reflected on my thoughts I decided to give it one higher star than my initial reaction called for.  It is very clever, so give it a try if it appeals  to you.

This review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Content Warning:

Language, Brief Sexual Situations

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