The Registry

The Registry Book Cover The Registry
The Registry, Book 1
Shannon Stoker
William Morrow Paperbacks

Welcome to a safe and secure new world, where beauty is bought and sold, and freedom is the ultimate crime The Registry saved the country from collapse, but stability has come at a price. In this patriotic new America, girls are raised to be brides, sold at auction to the highest bidder. Boys are raised to be soldiers, trained to fight and never question orders. Nearly eighteen, beautiful Mia Morrissey excitedly awaits the beginning of her auction year. But a warning from her married older sister raises dangerous questions. Now, instead of going up on the block, Mia is going to escape to Mexico—and the promise of freedom. All Mia wants is to control her own destiny—a brave and daring choice that will transform her into an enemy of the state, pursued by powerful government agents, ruthless bounty hunters, and a cunning man determined to own her . . . a man who will stop at nothing to get her back.



I am being somewhat generous with the three stars, but do hold out some hope for the series.  The idea is a good one, with there being handbooks and guides to marriage and military service that are controlled by the government.  Women are bought, and while men ultimately end up in control, as boys they are all but abandoned due to not having a monetary value to their fathers.

The world is interesting, but there is a problem with how it is presented.  The problem being that we have very little explanation about why it came to be that way.  There is something offered, but it doesn’t explain anything, even though I believe the author meant it to.  It made what could have been a straightforward plot a bit of a mess and distracts from some issues raised that are more than worthy of in-depth exploration.

The writing is stilted, but that may be on purpose, as Mia has been protected her entire life from most knowledge and education.  It’s difficult to tell at this point in the series.  There are also quite a few typos that can easily be fixed and can be frustrating to see.

I’m not certain whether or not to continue on with the series, as I have been burned in the past by novels with promising plots but technical problems.


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